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Doommabbestia Webzine

Doommabbestia reviews Quattro

After including Cold Ground Of Changing in their Marijuanaut compilation, the amazing folks at Doommabbestia Webzine reviewed really positively Quattro. Read the review!

Doommabbestia Webzine

Quattro on Doommabbestia

LAST MINUTE TO JAFFNA: Quattro (Review) POST METAL Non possiamo che gioire del ritorno dei Last Minute to Jaffna: nonostante gli scarsi venti minuti che compongono Quattro, i due brani sono più che sufficienti...

suffer mag #10

Suffer Magazine reviews Quattro

Marco Fresia reviewed Quattro on Suffer Magazine #10. We’re more than happy seeing all these great reviews coming in, so check it out here!

Eklektik Rock

Eklektik Rock reviews Quattro

Benoit Beuzon reviewed Quattro on the french webzine Eklektik Rock, read it here!

Eklektik Rock

Quattro on Eklektik Rock

Last Minute To Jaffna – Quattro Style: post-metal/sludge atmosphérique Annee de sortie: 2017 Label: Bare Teeth Producteur: Danilo Battocchio & Paul Beauchamp Et de quatre ! Voici le quatrième volet des aventures des italiens...

Marijuanaut vol. IV

Cold Ground Of Changing on Marijuanaut Vol. IV

Volume IV of Marijuanaut compilation, assembled by the mighty guys at Doommabbestia Webzine is out now and it features Cold Ground Of Changing among fourteen other tracks by some of the best bands in...

rockerilla #448

Rockerilla reviews Quattro

On Rockerilla #448 (december 2017) you can find a nice review of Quattro, written by Rossana Morriello. Read it here!

Tower Tshirt

New tshirt available

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